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Six Electronic Gadgets That Every Man Should Have

There are so many gadgets out there that every man would like to have. With the new technology that is improving on a daily basis, it not that easy to choose which gadget you should purchase before the other. Many electronic devices reflect a high level of creativity, and innovation. Below is a list of these gadgets that every gentleman should own;

1.    Light mate LED Flashlight

This is more than a flashlight. It has a dazzling LED light. The light comes with five different modes of lighting which include; strobe, SOS, bright, dim and medium. It also has a portable power bank containing 2200mAh and USB ports that you may use to charge your devices. It is waterproof, has a comfortable weight and is highly durable.  The flashlight also comes with a steel alloy glass breaker.  The glass breaker can be used in case of an emergency. The only best time I can imagine you will use this glass breaker is in case of a zombie attack. It is a great gift for a man who loves camping, travelling or someone who frequently uses a flashlight.

2.    Rig6 cube

The gadget allows you to project the display of your mobile phone to 120”. You only have to connect your smartphone to the cube, and you can view videos on Youtube, Netflix, pictures and games from your phone on a nearby wall. It has a convenient weight and size that makes it perfect for travel. You can also use it at home when you don’t want to go to the living room, to watch the television.

3.    Divoom Voombox

It is summertime again, and you will be outdoors most of the time. These speakers easily connect to your devices via Bluetooth and produce an amazing sound. The voombox is water resistant and is just the gadget you will need for your summer. It is convenient during deck parties, pool parties, beach days and while working on your car in the garage.

4.    Logitech Harmony Remote Home control

Every man should have this gadget that can interconnect with your remote control, and use your cellphone as a remote. The device works well with most entertainment devices, and also works with home automation systems. Such as Philips Hue. Using this gadget, it is possible to dim the lights or turn them off, just by using your smartphone.Logitech Harmony Remote control can control more than 270,000 devices including Sonos, Roku, Xbox, TVs, Cable boxes and Satellite among others. Picking up this gadget will assist you in controlling the world around you, without having to wake up.

5. Notion

The notion home management system uses multifunctional sensors to detect some things at your house such as water leakage, sound, temperature, and when doors open or close, among other things. When this device is installed in a door, it tells when a door is opened or locked. It gives details such as the time of opening, and the time the door was locked.

6. Awair Air Quality Monitor

The air around us is always full of toxins, chemicals and dirt. The main purpose of this device is to analyse the quality of the air near you.  It detects the level of carbon dioxide, dust and toxic chemicals among other things. It has an integrated smartphone app that keeps you updated about the quality of the air around you. 



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