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Nine Electronics Safety Tips While Repairing Electronics

It is very vital to take good care when handling electronic devices when using them or during their maintenance. Most electronic devices operate on direct current that is produced, by the power supply unit of the device. The power supply is powered by alternating current that carries a voltage of about 120V/60HZ or 240V/50HZ. This is a very high voltage, and when it finds a conditioned path via the human body, it is very lethal. It is enough to stop a human heart from functioning. The precautions discusses below will prevent the human body from injury through electric shock when operating electronics;

1.    Always unplug the appliance

When repairing any electronic device, you must first disconnect it from the power source. It is not enough to only turn off the source of the AC line voltage. When using electronic devices such as Ironing board or water heater, you should always remember to switch them off after use to prevent them from blowing up or burning your property.

2.    You should always work Dry

Working near electronic devices with wet hands is very perilous. Avoid working in a moist or wet environment near electronic gadgets that are already plugged into power. Your life is important, and it has not duplicate.

3.    Replace the entire power supply Unit

In case you are working on a computer system, it is safer to replace the entire power supply Unit, instead of repairing it. You should go for a power supply that has a similar power rating to avoid blowing up the computer’s motherboard.

4.    You should always wear Insulator in your hands

Remember to wear rubber gloves when you have to repair any electronic device. A rubber glove is an insulator, and it will prevent any electric shock. 

5.    Avoid working with metallic jewelry

When working on any electronic device, always avoid wearing your metallic jewelry. Most jewelry are good conductors of heat since they are naturally metals. Repairing an electronic device with jewelry in your hand means that they can conduct electricity to your skin directly, causing an electric shock. This is perilous in case the jewelry has an accidental contact with an electric current.

6.    Always retain on of your hands behind your back

When there is a closed current loop, electricity currents will always occur. Whenever you are working on an electronic device, remember to keep one hand behind your back, especially when fixing the power supply area. This will prevent the risk of an electric shock.

7.    You must always wear safety Glasses

You must always wear your electronics safety glasses when repairing any electronics, especially when dealing with the electric drill, soldering equipment and the sheet metal roller.

8.    Use Countertop Filter

A countertop filter is a vital tool for every electronic engineer. When using soldering equipment, this filter will help you in drawing away the soldering gas. It protects your eyes contacts from being damaged.

9.    All electrical cords should be neat and tucked away

Ensure that electrical wires are kept away from pets. Pets have a tendency of chewing electrical wires. Naked electrical cables can be hazardous to human life.

With these few electrical safety tips, you will always be safe from electrical shock and any other damage associated with the irresponsible handling of electrical gadgets.



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