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How to clean your electronic devices

Our electronic devices in most cases come into contact with a lot of dirt, germs, and grubby surfaces each and every day. However cleaning them is not always intuitive, you can’t just clean your phone with soapy water. The guideline will assist you to keep your electronic devices clean. Cleaning your electronic gadget regularly will make them last longer and perform better. So cleaning them is a win- win situation.

1.    Tablets.

You should start by turning off your device and unplugging all cables that may be connected to the power. Using a slightly wet and soft cloth, wipe the exterior while avoiding any of the openings.

Avoid using chemical cleaners. To avoid scratches and damages on the device always use a soft cloth.

2.    Mobile phones

Keeping your cell phone clean is very easy. All you require is a soft, lint-free cloth and a little water, which you use to buffer the entire phone gently. Never allow a phone to come into direct contact with the water. In case you need to clean any of the openings, apply some amount of rubbing alcohol to the soft cloth and then you rub off the dirt.

3.    Desktops and laptops

In case you flip over any of your keyboard keys, you will notice there is a lot of serious dust lurking around. This dust makes the keys a little sticky. Dust can also be the cause of the many physical issues with your computer.

The best way to clear dust from your computer is using Compressed air. When cleaning the keyboard, stick your nozzle in between the keys, then you blow off the dust.

If it is a desktop computer, it is advisable you unplug everything, take it outside and then open the sucker up. Unscrew the sides and then you insert the compressed air can

A lint free cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the exterior of your hardware including the keyboard keys and the screen.

4.    DVD players

To keep your external part of the player clean, use a lint free cotton. Moisten the cloth and wipe the machine gently to collect the dust.

If the DVD is dirty inside, it can lead to performance issues. You should keep the vents clear from accumulated dust by brushing them with a microfiber duster or passing a vacuum gently over the vents.

Cleaning discs can also be inserted into the electronic. These discs have tiny brushes which clean dust from the lens.

5.    Television screens

Methods of cleaning television vary depending on the type of the of tv you have. For the old tv version with a glass screen, you can only use a glass cleaner to wipe it off. A plasma tv can be cleaned using a soft cloth and some detergents that are gentle. Then afterwards you dry it with a clean piece of cloth.

If you have LCD screen, a little water and a piece soft cloth are just enough to do the cleaning. All you are require to do is to use a very light touch. Immediately after cleaning, use a fresh dry cloth to dry the screen. You should never use any cleaning products on an LCD screen.


Above all, never try to turn your device on and off while doing the cleanup.



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