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Health Hazards for Children with Electronic Devices

In this generation, electronic devices such as phone, tablets, and computers have become more of necessities than luxuries. Most parents have become weary of having to fight to keep their children away from these gadgets. Some tend to believe their children will easily become tech-savvy. Children staying for two hours with their electronic device are safe. However, parents should be aware of the following health conditions that are associated with poor technology habits and a lot of screens other than the most feared risk of addiction.

1.    Eyes strain

A burning sensation, dry eyes and focusing problems are some of the symptoms that are associated with eye strain. It is commonly experienced by people who watch TV for long hours and stare at computer screens for long hours.

Bright light, high screen contrast and flickering images may make a game more enjoyable. However, they damage the child's eye. In addition to that, failing to spend time on outdoor activities increase the chances of a child to develop myopia condition.

2.    Headaches

Children rarely suffer from headaches. However, when a lot of time is spent on the screen, then it may lead to a kid suffering from a headache.

A combination of the muscle tension at the base of the skull and assault on the eye causes headache.

3.    Stress


Time spent on the device may be very minimal. However, studies have shown that overuse of electronic devices increases stress levels. Constant stress over a lengthy period can lead to a lot of negative effects on the heart, emotions, digestion and even sleep.

4.    Physical fatigue

A lot of time spend on a device does not only cause a stain in the brain. It causes the entire body to get tired.

Being still for an extended period lead to reduced blood circulation and builds stress in the joints and muscles. The end results are getting so tired to the point of not even moving.

5.    Poor sleeping habits

Research have shown that exposure to electronic devices such as phone can lead to changes in the brain activity and also cause sleep disturbance. This is also another symptom of stress.

6.    Obesity

Technology devices make excellent babysitters since they keep the kids still for an extended period. However, lack of physical activity is one of the primary factor contributing to childhood obesity and other risks associated with obesity.

7.    Compressed immunity

Recent research conducted at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine showed that headphones are harbors of bacteria. Some of the bacteria such as E.coil strain survive for several hours in our climate. Electronic devices get exposed to these germs, then transfer to the kids. The germs can also be easily transferred from one child to another. Therefore, within a short period, most children fall sick.

8.    Pain in the wrists-carpel tunnel syndrome

This kind of injury mainly shows up as stiffness, pain or even swelling in the finger and wrist. In case you child is twisting his wrist to use a mouse, or if the game is making him make repetitive moves or if she is texting for a long span of time, this can cause injury to the tendons and nerves. Such injuries tend to make kids get hurt while writing.



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