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The do and don’ts of buying electronic online

Better prices and convenience are the new names for the online purchasing. However, that doesn’t mean are no pitfalls to the practice. Therefore, before you invest in your next pricey electronic, consider these do’s and don’ts before purchasing online.

1.    Do compare prices

Most people only consults online prices when shopping at brick –and –mortar stores; however, the same diligence should be applied when you are buying any gadget online. Some online platform such as Amazon often offers us competitive prices that tend to blind one from looking at what other online platform are offering. However one should always compare what other platforms are offering to you purchase a quality product at a fair price.

2.    Do track the price history

Being familiar with the price history of the commodity helps you to determine the best time to buy it. There are websites that enable you to speculate when you should buy a product. They provide you with a quick ‘buy’ or ‘wait’ recommendation when you enter the name of the product you wish to buy based on the price history of the item.

3.    Always do consider used electronics

Used electronic are always a better alternative to expensive new electronics. In case you can’t afford the cost of a new electronic, then there is no need to struggle. You can always go for the used electronics since they come with a warrant and if need be new parts and accessories.

4.    Do shop safely

Online shopping offers convenience that is hidden by the physical stores. However the online is also faced with some dangers. To have to be a victim of any form of theft, you should ensure that your anti-virus is updated and also ensure that you don’t make purchases on public networks. You should also use your card to ensure extra security.

5.    Don’t skip the promo code box

If you notice a space for ‘coupon code’ upon checkout, it means there is a likely hood of a code lurking out there to save you even more. Sites like free shipping. Org makes it even easier to search for current deals from trusted electronics.

6.    Don’t buy electronics with extended warranties

Shopping online helps you to avoid an extended warranty at checkout, however, that doesn’t mean online retailers will not try to sell you on the extra. Never let their reasoning take you to doing unnecessary purchase. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is always just enough. 

7.    Don’t leave your electronic on the doorstep.

Once you find out the best time to buy, the best website to purchase from, and the safest method of payment to pay for the electronic, never allow your new gadget just to stay on your doorstep unprotected. If your workplace allows it, send it to the office or to a transited friend or a family who will be at home during the time of delivery.

8.    Don’t forget about open box

You may be tempted to think open box are only meant for physical stores locations. However, that is not true. Some of the famous electronic online retailers have a page that only meant for open box items. These items are guaranteed in quality by the company and are available for a fraction of the original price. 



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