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Profitable electrical and electronics products manufacturing ideas

Electronic and electrical products manufacturing business is good for the entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and the technical skills. Below are some of the products ideas that can be easily established using very little capital as small scale industry basis;

1.    Air compressor manufacturing

The air compressor is applicable in some fields ranging from corner gas stations to major manufacturing firms. They are also used in workshops, basements, garage and even at home. They exist in various versions that can handle some tasks such as powering tools like sanders and drills. The manufacturing unit for air compressor can easily be established on small scale basis.

2.    Battery manufacturing

Battery manufacturing operation is not a complex one. It can be established either through semi-automatic or fully automatic basis. It is a small scale business however it requires proper pollution control.

3.    Boosters and voltage stabilizers making

Boosters and stabilizers are used in both consumer appliances sector and industry. The manufacturing process is simple, and it requires very little capital to establish.

4.    Electrical control panel

The power control panel is a vital item in the power industry. It regulates the role of electrical equipment. Electrical panels that are fitted with the necessary relays also protect electrical equipment from being damaged due to overloading or short circuit. Initiating this manufacturing operation is very cheap, yet the project yields a lot of profit.

5.    Electronic pump controller manufacturing

This is an upgraded product that is mainly used to stop a pump automatically. It is applicable for both home and industrial use. It protects the pump from damages. The manufacturing operations can be established by small-scale capital yet very profitable.

6.    Generator manufacturing

The generator is mainly for domestic, industrial and commercial use. Various types of generators are ever on demand. The generator manufacturing industry can always be established on small scale capital.

7.    Optical fiber manufacturing

Optical fibres are mainly used to transmit light between two ends of the fibre and also to find a wide coverage of fiber-optic communications. They permit transmissions over long distances. Establishing an optical fibre manufacturing operation requires only a small scale capital.

8.    Ups assembling

UPS assembling can be initiated and ran on a small scale basis. The different capacity of UPS is always on demand. It can be used for the purpose of household, commercial and industrial use.

9.    Capacitor manufacturing

The capacitor is mainly employed in electrical circuits to store the charge that can be discharged when it is required. Commercial operation of capacitor production is very profitable, and it only requires little capital to start.

10.    Cathode ray tube manufacturing

The cathode ray tube is large, heavy, thick, and fragile. Its face is made of thick lead glass to build resistance and also block X-rays emissions. Establishing a cathode rays tube manufacturing operation requires low capital thus making it easy to start up.

11.    Cooling solution

The general market for the industrial cooler is always high. It is very profitable to install mechanical cooling in airports, commercial establishment, retail chains and banquet halls. To establish the cooling solution operation only requires a very small capital yet the projects yield a high profit.

12.    Electronic toy making

Electronic toys marketing India is mainly import oriented. Electronic toys are very famous, and the manufacturing operation of the item is very cheap.



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