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Places to trade your unused electronics

Buying a new electronic gadget and the thrill of opening it is one of the best feelings to me. When your device is not as fast as a used, when it doesn’t have the latest operating system or is no longer being used, it is time to resell your electronic device.  Instead of keeping these things in a store or a box somewhere at the house, you should try to generate some money using these electronics. There are plenty of places that you can sell your used electronics in exchange for gift cards or money. These sites include;

The Trade-In Program at Amazon

It is possible to ship your electronics and other gadgets through Amazon website.


At eBay, you can sell an item at final value fees, pay listing or auction. It is very easy to do well at selling your old electronics on eBay, with little training on their system. At eBay, you can even sell items on parts. For example, remotes, speakers and screens. As long as you be careful on scammers, you will have an easy time on eBay.


At craigslist, you can sell your electronics at a higher price, although it involves more hassle. At this website, you sell locally to people who are members of this website.


If you want to sell any item on Amazon, you should search for the item and then click the “Sell on Amazon”option for the item’s search results. However, you will need to pay a small listing fee to Amazon, and they will deduct a small commission once the item sells.


At Gazelle, you will sell your second-hand electronics such as satellite radios, GPS devices, iPads, external hard drives and other gadgets. It accepts PayPal payments, Skrill and Amazon gift cards.


Walmart supports a trade in program that is a partnership with Gazelle. The interface and outlook at gazelle and Walmart is relatively similar.


At Networth, you post images for your old device, and people will give you quotations for your commodity. When you confirm the price with the interested buyer, they then make payment, and you send or ship the product.

Target Stores

Networth has sponsored Target stores to improve your experience in selling your electronic device online. You will likely get a similar bid on Networth.

Facebook for Sale Groups

The use of a Facebook group to advertise your products on Facebook is another good channel to resell your old electronic gadgets. On Facebook, you will interact freely with people who want to purchase your electronics.


At GizMogul, you can sell any second-hand electronic device from tablets to smartphones, MacBook’s and watches among others.


ecoATM uses machines that look like ATMs. They are located in high traffic places. Using this machine, you can sell your second-hand Smartphone or tablet. It is a quick way to generate money in case you have an emergency, and the only asset you have is your phone or tablet.


This is a platform that you can sell your used gadget within seconds. It has high traffic, and this is just what you will be looking for when advertising your old electronics.

Green Buyback

At this website, you will get a chance to sell your items such as a phone or a tablet. At this site, they even buy broken gadgets.



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